The January Blues? Doubting and Faith

January is apparently one of the most depressing times of year! Christmas festivities are over and its back to the drudgery of life without anything to look forward to – or so the story goes. Perhaps like me you do feel something of the effect of the lack of sunlight on how you feel. And at this precise moment, this part of the world at least is shrouded in a damp cold fog – enough to put a dampner on anyone. The sun feels desperately innaccessible.

No doubt there is some truth in negative effect of all this. Maybe it affects us at every level to some extent. I could of course point out (to myself as well as you) that the sun is already setting later in the day – the days are getting longer! It might be a while before you can get the sun lounger out, but at least the earth is heading in the right direction.

But even so I guess the time of year may mean that more of us are feeling the drudgery and maybe that rubs off spiritually – maybe we are more inclined to feel down and doubtful about the spiritual things – who we really are, and whether or not there is a God out there holding it all together who is worth listening to. But, January or not, I think the article below is a really helpful take on “doubt”. See what you think:

When Doubting Leads to Faith

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