Why I can’t wait to get back to church

A lot of us are hopeful that soon we’ll be meeting together again as a church. We’ve taken the decision that as things currently stand it would not be best to try. That’s not because we are reluctant to meet, but rather that the current regulations would mean that meeting would be so reduced and muted (literally in some senses) that the value of doing so is not high. For instance, we would almost certainly need to restrict numbers to keep the social distancing requirements. The doors of church could not therefore be joyfully flung open in welcome, and that cuts against the grain of what we are about. Why bend over backwards to create something that makes us wince? However, as soon as it is possible to meet again in a more normal manner – which we hope will be sooner rather than later – we shall get our more normal activities going again.

But maybe for some the thought of meeting again has more than a tinge of negative about it. Aspects of online church have their lingering appeal! The thought of leaving that Sunday morning alarm permanently disabled may be attractive?

As an antidote to that, and to energize us all for what we hope we shall soon be able to return to, I highly recommend this article from Sam Allberry. Hopefully, where it is weak, our longing to meet again will be rekindled!


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